King Jame’s Camp

King James had originally taken up position near Donore Church. In response to the dawn movement upstream of 10,000 Williamite soldiers, he moved westwards with 17,000 troops to protect his flank.

Having crossed the Boyne at Drybridge, William and Cavalry advanced to seize the high ground at Donore. This threat to their rear forced the hard-pressed Jacobites at Oldbridge to break off their action and retreat up the hill.

There was a sharp fight when they met William and his Cavalry at Donore, but after half-an-hour, James’s men were driven back and retreated safely to Duleek. In the confusion William was nearly shot by one of his own men-the only distinction between the armies was that the Williamites wore a sprig of green in their hats and the Jacobites a piece of white paper.