Oldbridge Walled Garden Plant List

Plant selection was a complex combination of several factors. The main design goal was to create a planting scheme meaningful to the unique site. Firstly, the planting plan was designed to reflect the history of the Battle itself through colour schemes. Strong oranges and yellows, representative of William of Orange at one end of the bed contrast with the blues and whites intended to represent the strong Irish and French contingency of King James’ army. The two sides meet in the middle represented by a higher concentration of red flowers, symbolic of bloodshed.

The history of Victorian walled gardens was a secondary influence in plant selection. Plants that were popular during the Victorian era were included, as well as plants whose names would have bearing to the planting scheme such as Geranium ‘Terre de Franche’ to represent the French, and Potentilla atrosanguinea, with the Latin for blood in its name.

Lastly, the garden is intended to peak in July, coinciding with the date of the Battle of the Boyne. Bulbs add Spring interest and some late flowering perennials will add some Autumn interest, but for the most part this garden will look its best from July to August. It will take up to two growing seasons for the garden to fully mature and plants to reach their intended height. The far end of the garden has an edible and medicinal focus. This was placed close to the glasshouse and orchard as more of a working garden area.